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I looked out the window one morning and didn’t see any ducks in the water but then I noticed one sleeping on the deck.  My shock was because he was sleeping on the exact spot where I had sprayed Small Animal Repellant a few days before!  So, another attempt to make the ducks move along failed.



I had thought of making a scarecrow, I guess this would be a scareDUCK, for some time. I got some old clothes and stuffed them into a shirt and pair of jeans, made a “face” from cardboard, and tied a straw hat on top to try another way to make wild ducks stay out of my pool.  The first day, no ducks.  The second day, ducks.  No effect, if the female duck came down the male followed her, pooping in the water and on the deck.  Jack yelled “DUCKS” and he and I went out and shooed them away manually.

Eye See You

Thank you Stacy and Jack for taking me to my eye surgery, checking and listening to the nurses and doctors while they pumped feel good (or feel nothing) juice into my vein, checking paperwork, carrying around my papers and wallet and glasses, staying with me in recovery, driving me home and making sure I was aware enough to go up and down stairs. 


Thank you Stacy and Jack for taking be to see my eye doctor the next morning at 8 AM, letting me off at the office door so I would not have to walk from the parking lot, and meeting me in the doctor’s office for my appointment, your encouraging words again on the way to the car, getting me something to eat and returning me home safe and sound. 


Thank you Ian for offering to do the same like you did for my knee surgery but this time Stacy and Jack pulled the long straw.


Thank you Ann for offering to do the same because you’re a friend and I did the same for you when you had your eye done but this time Stacy and Jack pulled the long straw.


I have had no pain and the swelling is going down rapidly. 


And  – – – it’s time for drops.


Hope to see you (clearer) soon.

Are the ducks gone for good?

    I had put the whale in the deep end hoping to scare off the ducks.  Is it working?Jack had me going to the door to chase the ducks away five times today until I saw the smirk on his face. He was playing a ring tone on his iPhone of a duck. That turkey!  

Mom’s Peony Blossomed on Mother’s Day

If I was a superstitious person I would easily think Mom made her peony plant produce a beautiful bloom yesterday, on Mother’s Day, but I’m not.  It has been over ten years since it bloomed though and this year has just one blossom.

Jack’s door hanger

I’m guessing Jack has left the building.  I’m not sure, I’m just saying.

Jack had become complacent with his requests to me, omitting the adverb Please – (a polite addition to requests). I had him write PLEASE five times to help him remember. It worked. He has never asked for anything since without including Please in his request. I never told him he misspelled the word, he says it perfectly.