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No Ducks

No ducks this year at all.  Did they take another route this year and bypass me altogether?  Did they stay down south?  Very strange.

We had a nest (hive?) of bees in the corner out back in an old hollowed out pole. The neighbor complained and then they were gone. He said his dog was stung twice. Must have been chasing them. They did not bother me – I must be sour. Poisoned? I was afraid to eat the gallons of honey in their hive.

But no ducks this year. Hummmm I wonder why


Veterans Day

Thank you for your service, to all our vererans.

Soaking Up Some Rays

Getting my Vitamin D

Warm Day in October


It has been so warm this October that I have been fighting Mustard Algae. 



The election if over.  The people have spoken.  There was no revolution.     


Atomic Veterans Memorial Highway



Well, it has been three days without a duck in sight.   Is duck “season” over???   I think I’ll get a pool cover next year (season) and see if that will work.  Maybe paint eyes on it.  One guy said to get an alligator, another said a swan, pool toys that is.  Another said to buy a dog, a real one.  I could probably ask the neighbor if I could have one of his dogs during duck season.  That dog jumps over my fence, walks across the pool deck, jumps the other fence, walks to the front yard and jumps back into my front yard.  Another neighbor told me that dog goes to her house and eats her cat’s food then comes back retracing his steps and goes back home.